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The school of computer science and technology has undertaken a total of 11.2636 million RMB for vertical and horizontal projects.


These include 9 vertical projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, 863 key projects, National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, general equipment department and national security department, with project funds of 9.975 million RMB; meanwhile, it has undertaken 17 horizontal projects from enterprises, with project funds of 1.2886 million RMB.

Main research projects:

 ■Wang Xiaolong, research on the theory and method of question and answer information retrieval, key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, project number: 60435020, funding amount: 1.9 million RMB.

  ■Jing Xiaoyuan, "Research on biometrics based on multi-level information fusion of face and palm print ", Project No.: 60402018, amount: 240000 RMB.
  ■Ye Yunming, sub project of national 863 project, "SCM and CRM integrated with ERP", Project No.: 2003aa413021, funding amount: 200000 RMB.

  ■Ye Yunming, a sub project of national 863 program, "Research on business intelligence system for manufacturing enterprises in China", Project No.: 2002aa413310, funding amount: 85000 RMB.


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