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The school of computer science and technology covers the national key first-class disciplines of computer science and technology, with the right to grant master's and doctor's degrees. It ranked fourth in the discipline evaluation of the Ministry of education in 2012 and was a discipline in the National Double first-class discipline evaluation in 2016.


The school has thirty-four full-time teachers, including one academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, sixteen professors, thirteen associate professors, six assistant professors and one senior lecturer. 90% of them are teachers with overseas study background, including two "Shenzhen Pengcheng scholars", one "Ministry of Education New Century Talent", and twenty "Shenzhen high-level talents". There are over ten double base professors and distinguished professors, including one Chinese Academy of Science. There are more than four hundred undergraduate students, the full-time Master students are over three hundred, and more than two hundred part-time engineering masters. It enrolls more than one hundred undergraduates, exceed one hundred and twenty masters and over ten doctors every year.


The school consists of Cyber Security Research Center (CSRC), Intelligent Computing Research Center (ICRC), Computer Application Research Center (CARC), Network Computing Research Center (NCRC), Bio-computing Research Center (BRC), Research Center for Big Data Technology, Mobile Internet and Cloud Computing Research Center, Bioinformatics and Genomics Research Center. Research fields include artificial intelligence, multilingual information processing, information security, network information processing, data mining and business intelligence, image processing, pattern recognition, biometric recognition technology, Internet of things technology, robotics technology, wireless network, cloud computing, Internet of things, bioinformatics, etc. The school has established "Harbin Institute of Technology- Microsoft Asia Research Ins...





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