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Intelligent Computing Research Center (ICRC)

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The Intelligent Computing Research Center (ICRC) of Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen was established in August 2002. It is one of the earliest research centers established by Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen. ICRC focuses on natural language processing and machine learning. In recent years, ICRC has mainly carried out research in the fields of human-like intelligence, healthcare data mining and bioinformatics based on massive information. Since the establishment by Prof. Wang Xiaolong, the inventor of Microsoft Pinyin, ICRC has developed into a research team with 2 professors, 5 associate professors and assistant professors/assistant researchers, 4 doctoral supervisors and nearly 100 PhD students and master students.


Project Status: The research center has undertaken more than 60 research projects including Key Programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Key Programs of National 863 Program, General Programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China, General Programs of National 863 Program and Shenzhen Science and Technology Programs. In 2009, "Sentence Level Intelligent Pinyin Input Technology" was issued with the Second Prize of the Technical Invention Award by the Ministry of Education. In 2011, "Pinyin Sentence Input Technology in Network Environment" was awarded the First Prize of Science and Technology Invention of Heilongjiang Province.


Academic Papers: In the past 5 years, ICRC has published more than 20 papers in major international conferences such as NIPS, ACL, AMIA, CIKM, etc. More than 60 papers have been published in major SCI journals of related fields such as Nature Cell BiologyNucleic Acids ResearchJAMIABioinformaticsPattern RecognitionNeurocomputingWWW, etc., including 1 ESI Hot Paper and 3 Highly Cited Papers.


Student Training: Over the past decade, ICRC has trained nearly 20 PhD students and more than 200 master students. Graduates are widely employed in well-known Internet companies such as Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, Sogou and Qihoo 360.


External Cooperation: ICRC has extensive exchanges and cooperation with research institutions in the United States, Britain, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places. Main cooperative enterprises include Microsoft, Baidu, NEC, ZTE, Huawei Technologies Noah's Ark Lab, TCL, etc.

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