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Bioinformatics and Genomics Research Center

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 Bioinformatics and Genomics Research Center is based on the world-class discipline of "computer science and technology" of Harbin Institute of Technology. The center aims at the international academic frontier of biological big data and the major strategic needs of the country. The center is committed to the research of biological big data management and sharing, biological big data analysis and mining, massive biomedical knowledge engineering, biological big data visualization, biological big data transformation and application. It is a professional research institution of biological big data technology with world advanced level and influence, and provides important scientific and technological support for the effective management, sharing, analysis and utilization of biological big data in China.


Under the leadership of Prof. Yadong Wang, the center is implementing the "China 100000 people genome project", one of the largest healthy population genome projects in the world, to decipher the genetic code of Chinese people, establish the genome variation map of Chinese people, and lay the foundation for the research of precision medicine for Chinese people. It is also responsible for 20 to 30 research projects funded by the major national science and technology projects, the national key research and development plan, and the National Natural Science Foundation. The laboratory has published more than 400 papers in high-level journals and international conferences, including nearly 300 papers in the international mainstream journal of biological big data such as Bioinformatics, NAR and PNAS. The laboratory has published 21 academic works, 15 international / national invention patents. The laboratory has achieved 11 provincial and ministerial awards, including one second prize of national science and technology progress, two first prize of provincial science and technology, 8 second and third prizes of provincial science and technology.


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